Veteran Friendly Establishment

How can a business effectively market goods and services to 250,000+ veterans, while at the same time support two Arkansas veteran non-profit organizations for pennies a day?

Become a Veteran Friendly Establishment.

Annual Investment

Individual Business: 1 decal – $240.00
Bronze Business: 2-10 decals – $225.00/each
Silver Business: 11-30 decals – $200.00/each
Gold Business: 30+ decals – $175.00/each
Platinum Business: Unlimited decals + Plaque + Presentation & Photo
Apply today!

Veterans and their families will look for Veteran Friendly Establishment accreditation wherever they do business.

Display your Veteran Friendly Establishment decal with pride in knowing you are supporting veterans and their families. In return, they will choose your establishment.

Veterans Villages of America LogoBenefits for your business include the following:

  • Tax deduction
  • Your logo will be prominently displayed on both the Arkansas Military Hall of Fame and the Veterans Villages of America websites
      Links from those websites to a “veteran friendly” page that outlines what your business offers to veterans and their families (Note: A “Veteran Friendly” page may be created for a nominal fee)
  • Additional business from some of the 250,000+ veterans and their families

Note: Acceptance in the program is based upon approval by both the Boards of the Veterans Villages of America and the Arkansas Military Veterans Hall of Fame.