Bill Asti

Bill Asti (right) Economist / Architect Shown here at Ft. Bragg accepting for his Dad a DMOR citation. (Distinguished Member of the Operational Regiment)
Bill Asti (right) Economist / Architect received his commission as an Infantry Officer in 1973 after 4 years in Army ROTC. He spent 14 years in the Inactive Reserves and received his honorable discharge as a Captain in 1987.
Bill is an economist, an architect, and a development consultant who has been in business since 1981. Over 34 years ago he designed the first in history Post-Industrial City of the Future; recognized by the White House Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives. And in 1977 he created the first private foundation in the U.S. educating others about post-industrial, communications-based sustainable communities.

At the end of 2014, Bill and his brothers attended a Distinguished Member of the Operational Regiment Ceremony at Ft. Bragg, NC on behalf of his father who was instrumental in starting the Psychological Warfare School; now the John F. Kennedy Special Operations Center and School at Ft Bragg.